Couture Cat Costumes

Ellie and Wally Meet Ellie and Wally, our 5-year old cats. For a while now, I've talked about making cat costumes that play off their names. This year, I decided that I'd accept the challenge, and just in time for Halloween. Never mind that the last time I used a sewing machine was in 1997, for a class in 7th grade.

So, after 2 days of toiling on Wally's costume (including a good deal of aggression towards the sewing machine) I ended up with the Narwally suit, equipped with a horn, fins, and spots. Wally hated wearing it, so in the future I'll have to tweak the design in order to avoid his whining and nips. But I did manage to capture a couple of photos, and that's really all that matters.


Ellie's costume, also known as the Elliephant suit, came along much quicker and I have to say, I was pleased with the end result! I think that it succeeded partly because it's much easier to slip on over the cat's head, whereas Wally's was a full suit that required tying around the neck and slipping his legs through holes. I even had time to add button eyes and a little tail, details I hadn't planned for. The best part: Ellie didn't hate her costume as much.


Just wait for next year - we've got a running list of ideas for more cat costumes. Happy Meowloween!