Who are we? We are a wife and husband team who share a passion for travel, food, art, music, nature and animals.

Why did we start a blog? It all started in the summer of 2012. Together, we decided it was time for a big change, so we agreed to leave Arlington, VA, including our jobs, our home, our cats (temporarily), and our loved ones, in exchange for an extended period of travel, adventure, and freedom.  We decided to start a blog as a way of keeping connected with friends and family in the wake of our big risky adventure.

We dubbed the blog It’s Really Happening because we (and most of our friends and family) were in disbelief that we would actually do what we’d set out to do.

So, we hit the road in late July for what would become an epic 7-week roadtrip around the country.

Then, we went to Asia.

Then, Loren won a trip to Australia, and we both went.

Now we're finally in Denver, constantly thinking about our next adventure.

What do we blog about? Most of our content is a recap of the things we’ve done, seen, and eaten along the way. Whether it’s a campfire dinner in Glacier National Park, or a prix-fixe meal at one of the best restaurants in the country; a snorkel session in Hawaii, or a climbing trip in colorado; an eye-opening museum exhibit, or a stomach-turning rollercoaster ride, we’ll post it.

Life is short, and it’s really happening, so make the most of it.

Email us at loren . klein at gmail, or kristen . leary at gmail.